Bing’s cheeky response if you search for Google

Bing: Searching for “Google” results in a pop up advert for Bing

Typical of Microsoft. Rather than spend time and effort making your product better than everyone elses. Use childish tactics instead.

Microsoft have been running their Bing it On campaign for a while now to try and tempt people away from Google and over to their Search Engine. The idea being a direct comparison test where you would enter a search query and then decide which results you liked. Reminds us of the whole Coke vs Pepsi challenges of years gone by.

Now they have decided to make it even more obvious by displaying a pop up when you search for Google!

Try this. Visit Bing, (here’s the url as you more than likely never use it: and type the word Google into the search box.

And look at what you get.

Bing resorts to cheap tricks when searching for Google

Microsoft just can’t help themselves. Childish idiots