How Do I Turn On Facebook Instant Replies For My Page

Facebook has rolled out a new feature called “Instant Replies”. Instant replies allows Page owners to write, save and re-use automated replies to messages when communicating with customers on Facebook. This feature allows Page admins to create two canned replies to messages. The first for outside business hours, called the away mode…

Facebook Link Thumbnail Image Dimensions

When sharing your web site or blog on Facebook you want your post to look as good as possible to help with engagement. A good quality high resolution preview image is key to catching people’s attention and hopefully encouraging them to like, comment and share.

In this post we are moving on to what image sizes to use to make your post look as good as possible.

How Do I Force Facebook To Use A Thumbnail From My Website?

Part II of our mini-series on how to get Facebook to show the correct preview image when you share your website on Facebook.

Facebook trialling new link preview image upload feature

It’s long been known that when you paste a link into Facebook, it doesn’t always show the preview image you’d like it to show.

We wrote a long article about this back in September 2013 titled: How do I force Facebook to use a thumbnail from my website? which explained how you could use either OG data or the Facebook debug tool (lint tool) to get Facebook to update the preview page.

Well, fast forward to January 2015 and it looks as though Facebook are trialling the option to upload your own link preview  image directly.

As of yet this isn’t widespread and we are only seeing it on our Business page and not our Personal profile but it’s a very handy feature to have and we like it very much.

When you paste a link into the Facebook post text area, Facebook will scrape your sites data and use what it thinks is the best image but it now gives you the ability to Upload your own image via teh + Upload Image button at the bottom of the picture.

Facebook testing new tool to allow you to upload a new link preview image

By clicking on this you can then upload any image you want from your computer and it will overwrite the default one chosen by Facebook.

And remember you can also edit the preview title and summary by clicking on them (hover over the text and it will change to yellow then click).

So now you can completely customise the links you share on Facebook!


Google My Business verification now instant

Google My Business verification is now instant with Google Webmaster Tools

Google My Business verification is now instant. According to an announcement on their forums, from today you can now instantly verify your business listing if you’ve already verified your business website with Google Webmaster Tools.

Google Employee Jade Wang posted the following:

Good news — starting today, if you’re verifying a page for your business, you may be instantly verified on Google My Business if you’ve already verified your business’s website with Google Webmaster Tools. The verification will happen automatically, if applicable, when you attempt to verify a page for your business.

If you’d like to try instant verification, please make sure you’re signed in to Google My Business with the same account you used to verify your site with Webmaster Tools

Not all businesses with websites verified using Google Webmaster Tools will have instant verification, since not all business categories are eligible. If that’s the case, please use one of our other methods of verification (

In the past verification had to be done via a Postcard. You created your business listing, entered your business address and Google would send you a Postcard in the post with a PIN number that you entered to verify you are where you said you were.

Now this can all be achieved instantly if you have already verified your business’s website with Google Webmaster Tools and if you haven’t, shame on you as it it’s a very powerful tool for all Webmasters.

How do I verify my Google My Business page?

Make sure you’re signed in to Google My Business with the same account you used to verify your site with Webmaster Tools. Note that some business categories may not be eligible for instant verification.

Once you’ve verified, you may see a banner asking you to review your information and make any final changes.

Click Done editing when you’re certain everything is up to date.

Note that you won’t be able to update the business’s name until the verification process is complete.