Google Pigeon Update – Boosting Local Search Results

Google Pigeon Update

As of yesterday (27th July 2014) Google has released a new Search algorithm which is being called the ” Google Pigeon Update”.

The new Google pigeon update is providing more useful, relevant and accurate local search results tied to traditional ranking signals. The changes (currently live in the in the US but rolling out World Wide) are available in Google Maps and search results pages.

The behind the scenes changes are impacting local search results and some businesses are noticing changes in their local rankings.

Google have said that the new local search algorithm is tied deeper into their search capabilities and includes hundreds of ranking signals they use in web search as well as features such as Knowledge Graph and spelling correction. In addition the new algorithm improves their distance and location ranking. Basically, local search is the new King!

The new algorithm is currently rolling out for US English results and is providing a more relevant experience for local searches, and lets be honest, most of our searches are for local business so this update is really going to improve your results. Expect to see changes over the next few days as well as local directory sites getting better visibility in Google’s search results.

Local Directories

We all know how important local directory sites are for search results even if some of them don’t seem to push any business your way (Yelp anyone?) But there is a fine line between adding your website to directories and suffering from a Google penalty if they deem you are spamming listings.



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