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Jayfest 2014 – Biking in Innerleithen

Jayfest Innerleithen Mountain Bike Festival

What is Jayfest?

Jayfest is a non-profit making, inclusive summer Mountain Bike festival, set in the beautiful Scottish Borders town of Innerleithen. The festival aims to further the sport of mountain biking for riders of the present, and of the future through world class coaching, music and art. Jayfest will bring families together, unite communities and help to nurture new talent through the Jaymie Mart Foundation, set up to inspire young riders to be the very best they can be.

Jaymie Mart was a highly accomplished and successful downhill mountain biker, winning the Scottish Series seven times, and gaining a silver medal at the World Championships. Jayfest aims to celebrate her life which sadly and tragically came to an abrupt end in 2012. In celebration of her life and of her many many successes, it will offer a new, exciting and unique downhill event to the mountain biking calendar in the beautiful Scottish town of Innerleithen.

The Foundation is the financial backbone to this event, and aims to provide two young riders who are able to demonstrate huge promise in the world of downhilling with a means tested grant.

Here’s a video showing last years Jayfest action

When is Jayfest?

Jayfest 2014 is on the weekend of the 26th to 27th July in Innerleithen in the Scottish Borders

What’s going on at Jayfest?

There is stacks going on. From an Uplift Service so you can blast down the World Class Downhill Trails in Innerleithen to Coaching, Historic ride around Innerleithen, Talks and a Dance Night to round it all off.

Where is Jayfest?

On the 26th & 27th of July at Traquair trail-head in Innerleithen, you’ll find an invigorating combination of downhill mountain biking coaching for riders of all ages and abilities. From the young ‘uns just starting out in the saddle, through those who’ve fancied it for years but never tried. World class professional coaches will also be on hand all weekend to offer the very best of advice on your mountain bike technique & how to improve it.

Camping will be available on site payable on arrival for £5 (2 nights). The campsite is right next to the Jayfest site and in a great area. But please bring bike locks and look after your gear. Jayfest cannot be held responsible for damage to, or loss of property. There will be toilets on-site.



Enduro World Series hits Innerleithen & Peebles

Enduro World Series

The UK’s first ever Enduro World Series is one of the most hotly anticipated mountain bike races of 2014. With two days of trail racing on stages around Innerleithen & Peebles in the Scottish Borders’ Tweed Valley, this event aims to be tough, but a lot of fun, with the emphasis on great riding and quality trails.

Fresh from Stage 1 in Chile, the Enduro World Series sees riders compete in the hills around Innerleithen & Peebles in what is the biggest mountain bike competition in the world as part of the Tweedlove festival fortnight. Enduro is different from other mountain biking races in that it includes timed downhills and untimed uphills. Racing is over a series of special stages and whoever has the fastest combined time after those stages wins. Riders need to get between the stages, often for a set start time. This is where it’s novelty comes in as competitors have to be both Jedi downhill racers as well as uber fit to get to the top of the hills.

Enduro World Series at Tweedlove - UK's largest Bike festival in Innerleithen & Peebles

TweedLove is now the UK’s biggest bike festival, with visitors coming from all over the world for two weeks of bike events. A celebration of all things bike, and 100% organised by bike riders, TweedLove offers the UK’s best concentration of mountain and road biking options, and plenty of local riders who are keen to invite you to share their back yard.

Tweedlove runs from the 24th May to 8th of June and includes everything bike related from kids skills sessions, Road races to a film night. Compete in the Glentress Seven or join local riders for the Natural Tweed where you get to explorer the natural trails away from Glentress. there really is something for everyone.